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If you are looking for wedding flowers in Ilkeston, Jenny’s Florist is the best place to go. Flowers are such a big part of your wedding day and they just have to be right. With many years experience in floral wedding design, let Jenny and her team create the most wonderful arrangements just for you. 
From table posies to your bouquet, Jenny’s Florist in Ilkeston will create bespoke arrangements and deliver them all directly to the venue so they are ready when you make your arrival. 
Whether you prefer artificial flowers or fresh cut, we will provide you with exactly what you need to celebrate your wedding in style.
Ilkeston Wedding Flowers to Order
Choosing the right blooms for your bouquet is a decision every bride loves to make. The type of flowers, the style of the arrangement and the foliage you pick are all incredibly personal and will all make a huge difference to the overall effect. 
Fresh, Seasonal Blooms
As we fetch our flowers from the market early in the mornings, choosing stems that are in season is also a good idea as these flowers will last longer and will maximise your budget. Though you might think that only spring and summer will offer beautiful seasonal bouquets, there are many flowers that will make a gorgeous bouquet in the winter. These flowers tend to be hardier, but are no less delicate and varied in colour than their spring and summer rivals. 
Make a Statement
Though traditional bridal bouquets are often made up of white roses, modern brides tend to be after something a little bit different. At Jenny’s Florist, Ilkeston, we like to be creative and will help you to design your perfect bunch around a key colour or flower. This is a great way to make your day that little bit more special and is a fun activity for you and your bridesmaids. 
The Perfect Posies for Your Perfect Day
Though the bridal bouquet maybe the floral focal point of the day, we also offer table posies and other decorative bouquets at your request. Many brides choose complementary flower arrangements to fit in with a chosen colour theme and create simple centrepieces for the tables at their wedding breakfast as well as provide posies for their bridesmaids. 
Bridesmaid Posies
Bridesmaid posies are small, hand-tied arrangements that your bridesmaids will carry down the aisle. They can be made up using a variety of flowers but they are often composed using only a few short stems. 
If you have young children as bridesmaids, you may wish to use artificial flowers, rather than fresh. These will look just as beautiful, but may be a little easier for your young bridesmaids to hold. 
Table Flowers
There are all sorts of floral centrepieces you could have, such as single short stems in jam jars, hand tied bunches or wreaths around candles. In fact, the options are endless for creative floral displays. We can help you to refine your own table decoration ideas and make suggestions too. 

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