funeral flowers Derbyshire

Selecting the right flowers for a funeral can become somewhat of an art form. That is why many people choose to leave the choice to the experts. At Jenny’s Florist, we’ll happily make recommendations and help to point customers in the right direction. With more than 30 years in the business, we know what people expect, and we always go above and beyond the call of duty. All our flowers are acquired daily from a wholesale market to ensure they’re as fresh as possible. Dealing with a loss can be a terrible thing for many people. So, we don’t believe that selecting the right flowers should add any stress to the occasion. 
Take a look at the gallery to get some inspiration and view the type of funeral flowers we provide from our base in Derbyshire. Our team works hard to ensure all flowers meet the highest standards, and we’d never let anything less than perfect leave the store. Whether it’s a mother or father, or even a family friends, we guarantee never to let anyone down. Funerals are uncomfortable times for many people, but the right flowers can help to brighten the day and ease the pain. 
Anyone who needs funeral flowers in Derbyshire should contact our team as soon as possible. We will work around the clock to ensure all requirements are met. We can arrange our funeral flowers in any manner of different ways to create something extra special. Did the deceased love to play musical instruments? Well, why not get an arrangement in the shape of a guitar or saxophone? Did the deceased have ties to a particular country like Ireland? If so, we could create a four-leaf clover as the image in our gallery shows. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll always do our best to come up with something memorable. 
At Jenny’s Florist, we offer a full and comprehensive delivery service for all overs over £20. Delivery is also free to those living in the village of Kirk Hallam. Our team will always work with the customer to ensure they get everything they desire. We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time for everyone involved. That is why we take all the hard work out of selecting the best funeral flowers and ensuring they arrive in time for the event. Feel free to contact us using the form on this website for more information. There is always someone around to answer the phones during working hours, and our email address is on the contact page. 
From traditional lilies to personalised arrangements of many flower species, Jenny’s Florist is the one-stop shop for the people of Derbyshire and beyond. We can even accept last minute orders in some instances, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We pride ourselves on providing service with a smile, and every member of the team wants to help customers select the best funeral flowers. Take a look at some of the images in the gallery if you’d like to see some of our past arrangements. 

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